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Turn your house into a home with a personal touch. Using wood family signs is a way to highlight the love you have for each other. Finding the right touch creates a personal expression while giving the perfect addition to your home. 

There are several ways to add in family signs in a way that is expressive of who you are and what your family means to you. Use this as a jumping point to show the authenticity and unique love you have for everyone in your household. 

The following are 10 ideas you can use for wood family signs, all of which highlight personalization and a custom look that belongs only to your home. 

#1: Start with Family Sign Basics

wood family signs

All you need is to highlight the idea of family with these wood family signs. This style adds rustic chic while highlighting the areas of your home where everyone can gather together. 

With the personalized wood signs for family, you immediately add an extra touch of warmth and turn your house into a home. 

If you don't want an added name or specific inspirational quote, then the foundational family sign creates an addition that reminds everyone what is important in the home - each other. 

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#2 Home Sweet Home

family wood sign ideas


There is a famous saying for every home - "home sweet home." Remind everyone of what you are building together - a strong family filled with warmth. For extra personalization, add your name below the saying or sign. 

This makes a great centerpiece as an entryway sign or in the front room. You will easily add extra expression to your home while personalizing the look you have in every room. 

With the home sweet home addition, you can find variations as well as an inspirational touch. For instance, versions that say "home" with "live. love. laughter." underneath as a saying are great additions to look at. 

You can also look at home signs that come in different colors and looks. Rustic, chic, farmhouse styles are all a popular look. Darker backgrounds and scripted or blocked fonts are also available for the added touch that highlights the special atmosphere of your home. 

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#3: From Fairy Tales to True Love

wood signs for family

For many, their dream is to start a family and have a home. Marriage is the first step over the threshold and into the life they always have desired. 

The wood family signs offer a perfect wedding gift or add into the atmosphere of love for newlyweds and couples that want to remember the special moments of starting a life with someone else. 

The inspirational quotes of living happily ever after are one of the expressions you can enjoy to highlight the day you started your new life. 

Add this into your bedroom as a keepsake or put it on display to let everyone know how you really feel. 

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#4 Sentimental and Inspirational

personalized wood family signs

Family wood signs make the most when they have additional inspiration and sentiment added into your home. 

Add in your favorite inspirational quote that belongs to the family or that makes a strong statement with "this is us" signs. 

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You can also look at specific types of inspiration, such as "always choose happiness" with your names underneath the quote or "what a wonderful world" quotes.

These all add in your personal touch while keeping an expression and focus on your home. 

It's these particular signs that add in the feeling of home and create an extra sense of sentiment that everyone in the family is constantly reminded of. 

#5: Add a Touch of Humor to Wood Family Signs

humour family wood signs

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There's always an added touch of personalization and joy with specific family signs. These wood family signs add in flair while showing the true colors of turning a house into a home. 

By placing these family wood signs in your home, you add in an extra sense of inspiration and humor to your family. You also portray what is important in your home and your connection with everyone you live with.

Express yourself with inspirational humor that showcases the importance of family and how it adds in a new, personal touch to your home. 

#6: Showcase Your Family

blessed family wood sign

These family wood signs showcase everyone while highlighting your expression of being blessed. Bring everyone together with these special signs while personalizing the look of your home. 

Add in blessed at the top to showcase how you really feel about your family. Add in an extra touch by counting your blessings with the family that you love and adore. 

For extra personalization, add in script or block font, different backdrops or a style that fits with your home. Rustic, chic, farmhouse or other custom wood signs help to accentuate the atmosphere in your home.

 #7: Add Sentiment With Your Family Union

wedding family wood signs

Whether you are looking for a wedding gift or want to highlight the name and date of your union, this is the perfect way to personalize your home. 

Add in the wedding date and ornamentation to fit with the look and feel of your home. You can add in your extra touch with this sign to make sure it fits perfectly. 

The family wood signs that are based around a wedding come with different backgrounds as well as fonts that highlight your connection to each other. 

With the personalized touch, this sign is the addition you need for your entryway or in the main room, letting everyone see the special connection you have to your partner. 

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#8: Highlight Authenticity

custom wood signs for family

Family wood signs that are based on your personal interests add in even more to your home. 

The foundation of turning your house into a home is with the family you are connected with and surrounded with. 

These signs create the perfect effect, showing the union between you and your partner with the background name while bringing your specific names to the forefront. 

With these family wood signs, you show what brings your home together and creates the staples in your family while letting everyone know whose home they are in. 

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#9: What Makes You Whole?

wood family signs with children

Bring your entire family into the picture of being whole and complete. With these signs, you show inspiration and appreciation for everyone who is in your life.

If you are interested in showcasing how you feel about your family, then this is the perfect addition to let everyone know they are appreciated while building a deeper understanding of being a family unit. 

The wood family signs not only include these options but specific wood family signs for children's rooms that have their names, inspiration or an added look that they can enjoy for years to come. 

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#10: Showing Honor With Wood Family Signs

wood signs for family

There are many styles you can look into for your family, all of which make a specific statement. 

If you like bold, rustic and defined, then this look will showcase the foundation of your family. 

The monogram in the back is a symbol of the foundation of your home while allowing the rest to take precedence with the fabric that makes a family. 

The rustic, vintage styles available with this sign are the perfect accent to your outdoor area or to the entranceway of your home. If you want it to make a personalized and bold statement, then consider any room indoors as an intimate centerpiece that adds into your space. 

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With these family sign ideas, you can easily add to your home while showing what you love most about your lifestyle. 

Each of the offers an extra touch that showcases you and the personality of your family. 

More importantly, it brings together the sentiment and bond that you have with each other, giving an added touch and allowing you to use decor to make your house a unique home. 


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