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outdoor wood signs

Outdoor wood signs are the must have items to turn your house into a home. Add in specific greetings to the outdoors to let others know they are invited with open arms. 

When you use outdoor signs, you create an atmosphere before someone walks into your home. It's the accent that showcases hospitality, family and the joy of being introduced to your neighbourhood. 

You can add in an extra touch with personalization from wood signs that highlight your best expressions for others to see. 

Why Use Outdoor Wood Signs?

Personalization creates sentiment, inspiration and showcases the values you are creating with your home. When you start this with an outdoor greeting, the environment and feel to your home changes.

For those that are looking at personalization or a simple greeting, using the outdoor custom signs allows an additional look and feel to welcome everyone to the front door and into your home.  

Ideas For a Personalized Touch

Every individual has a different idea of what creates the personalized and added touch. But if you want something unique and custom and don't know where to start, here are some of the favorites. 

Welcome Entryway Signs

best entryway signs

The most popular way to greet someone is to welcome them before they even ring the door bell. Mats that are on the ground are hard to see and don't project the hospitality you want for your home. With outdoor wood signs showing that your home is warm and welcoming, you add in an extra greeting to embrace your company.  

Name Signs

personalized outdoor wood signs

A favorite among many is to highlight the family that makes up the perfect home. Personalization with the first and / or last name of a couple is a simple way to add into the look and feel while showcasing your family to others. When you place this into the outdoor area, you highlight what makes your home so special.  

Address and Coordinates.

outdoor wood signs

Whether it is your address or a nautical spin showing the degrees of your home, this outdoor fit lets everyone know exactly where they are.

The advantage of these outdoor wood signs starts with letting others see where you are with a personalized touch. It also lets others know the unique parts of your home and sends a strong reminder of where they are welcome to hang their hat. 

Home Sweet Home

outdoor wood signs home sweet home

What does your home express? Showcase this with outdoor wood signs that let everyone know you have a space for love to laughter. These personal touches remind everyone about the joy that is in the space of home.

This particular sign is an invitation for for additional touches. Whether you add in a specific quote or a symbol of what home means to you, it is easy to add in more with the outdoor expressions that showcase the cozy feeling of your home. 

Best Designs for Outdoor Signs

Before you decide on a custom look, make sure you have your design in mind. You want the outdoor wood signs to be welcoming but in a place that is attractive to those coming to your front door. 

A popular touch that most use is to have a hanger in the back of the sign to place on one side of the door, usually closest to the doorbell or address. This way, someone knows exactly they are at the right home before they knock. 

If you want to take a different approach, then leaner signs are another favorite. These make a larger statement with outdoor wood signs that lean against the door on one side. The larger length of these signs set a stronger statement and showcase the welcoming feel you have indoor home.

One of the personalized touches you want to add in with outdoor wood signs is the wording that is used. Start with a block or scroll font that highlights your welcoming approach. 

If you want a unique added touch, consider symbols, ornamentation or added layers to the sign. For layering, you can consider custom signs that double layer the first name in a scroll and the last name in a block font. This creates a different type of effect that showcases the unique environment in your home. 

Always make sure you add your personality to the design you decide. Whether it is ornaments or leaner signs, there is something different for everyone to create the first impressions in your home. 

Wood Sign Styles Through Time

The design that you decide is not only dependent on the style that resonates with you the most. If you have your home decorated in a specific way, then you will want to add in outdoor custom signs that match by showcasing a specific sign. 

The Vintage Look

Welcome signs that used a slight scroll font or acted as a leaner against the door are the most popular vintage styles. These didn't use the personalization but instead offered a simple greeting that invited the neighbours in. 

Go For Rustic Chic

While the popular welcome signs maintain their looks with rustic chic, you will find a different sense of personalization with these outdoor wood signs. From sayings like this is us to leave your mess at the door, rustic chic adds in a different expression to the outdoors. 

You will also find that a rustic chic sign has a slightly different look. A scroll font, white background with the wood and sometimes a frame are popular styles to add in the extra sass to the signs. 

Modern Styles

The newer styles that are starting to show with outdoor wood signs combine the past with the future. You may find signs that have special symbols or ornaments with them. There is also a mixture of scroll with block fonts that are used with modern styles. 

The combination of elegant, stylish or personalized are the most popular with today's outdoor signs. While the appreciation for vintage or rustic looks continue to take front and center, modern updates are often added in for the extra touches. 

Farmhouse Additions

Be Our Guest, Harvest, Farm House and other popular farmhouse outdoor signs identify your true love within your home from the outside. This popular approach creates a signature look that withstands the test of time. If your home stands for something, start with the welcome door decor and create the look that showcases what makes your house a home. 

Looking for Personalization?

Personalized signs with names always add in the perfect expression for the outdoors and let someone know they are welcome even before they knock. This is a great way to introduce your home and to honor the family you are a part of. 

custom outdoor wood signs

Personalization with your address, nautical signs and other expressions that come from your home are also a great way to introduce someone to your space while allowing them to enjoy the environment of your home from the outside - in. 

 Express Yourself With These Outdoor Wood Signs

Our are created for you to express yourself. If you want more than a welcome sign, then consider some of our best looks with personalized names that you can add into your entry way. 

best outdoor entryway signs
A popular way to showcase your family is with the combined first and last name. Set your first name in a lighter color and with a scroll based font. Place the last name behind this in a dark, block style font to create contrast. You can see that this creates personalization and highlights the character of your family and home. 

Get the sign here. 

best custom wood entryway family name signsIf you like elegant, then try this outdoor family name. This keepsake has a different center with the scroll font and the date of your marriage. The ornamentation adds in a special touch to your personal expression of home while creating a unique feel that belongs to home. 

Get your personalized entryway sign. 

personalized name entryway wood signFor a slightly bolder look, this monogram sign is the perfect fit. Add in the first letter to your last name as the backdrop while combining a lighter touch with scroll and block fonts to the front of the sign. Wood with a rustic look is often more personalized while some modern looks are also available to showcase your unique style. 

Get the monogram entryway sign here.

marriage outdoor wood sign

Love is the strongest expression of all. Add in your marriage date and extra touch and feel with marriage signs. Not only do you accentuate your love to another, but let everyone know the foundation of turning your house into a home. 

Get your outdoor sign here. 

There are several approaches you can take to let the neighbourhood know what your home stands for. The outdoor wood signs that are available transform your home from the first step over the threshold while showcasing the hospitality you bring to family and friends.


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