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This is the year to transform your home with new decor and additional styles. A place too often looked over is in your kitchen. When you add custom decor to this one space, it offers warmth, nurturing and an expression that stands out from the rest.

With small changes and a focus on accents, you will begin to re-define the atmosphere in your kitchen space. Use these tips with personalized kitchen signs to transform every room. 

1. Open Kitchen Shelves Are In

personalized kitchen signs

Get the grocery sign.

A trend for the year is to decorate your kitchen by opening some of the shelves. Whether you place decor or pots and pans in the area, it creates warmth and a display of what you love about the kitchen. 

Adding personalized kitchen signs creates a well-rounded look while allowing you to develop a different look for this room. 

In some instances, open shelving with practical items is not only trendy and stylish, but also adds flavor to the room. If you want an elegant look, then add in kitchen style items that compliment the room and that are meant to add in atmosphere, not practicality. 

2. Change the Colors

Kitchen Decor Styles

Get the "This Kitchen Is Seasoned with Love Sign".

If you want a different upgrade, then try this new trend. Colors of either your wall or cabinets can be changed to spice up the kitchen. 

This year's trend is bright blues, greens or deeper colors that create contrast. If that doesn't fit with your personality, try a pastel look to add to the home. 

Fit in your new kitchen look with decor, such as our "This Kitchen is Seasoned with Love" sign or small trinkets on an open shelf that doesn't require practical kitchen tools. 

The combination of color with small accents brings a new type of warmth into your kitchen area while allowing you to bring more personality and expression to your home.

3. Highlight Your Favorites.

Get the Bakery Sign.

Accent your favorite corners with signs and decor, showing the best part of the kitchen. With accented items as well as personalized kitchen signs, you can bring out the best in any corner of the room. 

Signs that you add into the kitchen work best in specific corners or as an accent to the items you use in each space. Use it to take out the mundane kitchen objects and instead to look at more style and appeal to your kitchen space.

4. Spice Up Your Shelving

personalized kitchen signs

Get the Farmers Market sign. 

If you have extra shelf space, turn it into your expression. Whether it's a farmhouse style, vintage or modern, you can always turn a corner into an area of warmth.

Small cups or glasses, dried flowers,  spice racks and other smaller items that aren't used as much are the perfect addition to your kitchen corner. 

Combine this with personalized kitchen signs and you will have a room that is more expressive of your interests. 

5. Personalized Expressions.

personalized kitchen wood signs

Get the Coffee & Tea Sign

Nothing expresses a room more than your name and identity in the kitchen. If you want everyone to know what your room stands for, then this kitchen sign adds more to the area. 

Famous for its farmhouse style, the coffee & tea, as well as the "farm" look, offers a timeless look. With this particular style, you will easily be able to add even more flavor into your room. 

6. Kitchen Inspiration

inspirational kitchen signs

Get This Kitchen is for Dancing Sign.

A favorite theme of Wood Finds  is finding the personal expressions and inspiration that turn your house into a home. 

Sayings that make a statement about your home and what each room is for is the perfect addition to keep everyone in better spirits and to create a look that everyone can enjoy. 

The sign "this kitchen is for dancing" is one of many inspirational signs that take the practical part of a kitchen and turn it into a home that every family will enjoy. Add a sign like this in combination with kitchen items that create nurturing and an open invitation for everyone to enjoy more of the cooking section of the home.

7. Go For the Trend

best personalized kitchen wood signs

Get the Eat Pray Love Sign.

The movie "Eat, Pray, Love" reminded everyone of the important parts of life. If you know the significance of food to bring everyone together, then creating the atmosphere in your kitchen is one way to express the look of the area. 

Use the "Eat, Pray, Love" sign and combine it with a look that nurtures and brings the family together. The popular looks for the kitchen stay in style and always add in a special flair for your kitchen area. 

There are many popular accents that are continuing to style the kitchen look while adding in a new flair to cooking.

How To Find Your Kitchen Look

With the several ways to spice up the look of your kitchen, are also themes you want to look at before you start. 

For instance, the farmhouse style is always in demand, adding in a special look to your kitchen area that reminds everyone of the importance of the home as well as how it is rooted in the best styles. 

personalized kitchen signs

Get the Farm Fresh Sign.

If you are interested in a different look, a timeless masterpiece is vintage or rustic. These styles include the older looks. Open cabinets, shutters, showcasing small pieces and personalized kitchen signs all work together to create the look that makes a statement you can remain interested in. 

For this year and beyond, designers are stating that combining modern with old is the style to go for. This creates a sense of personalization while keeping up with the latest looks that make your home look unique and cared for. 

There is nothing that states nurturing better than combining the old with the new and developing a different look for your home. 

More important than any of these trending and timely looks is your own expression. Looking at what the kitchen means for you and your family is the beginning of upgrading the room and creating a look you can value for years. 

Bringing Your Family Together with Personalized Kitchen Signs

kitchen wood signs

Get the Home Cooking Sign.

The kitchen is one of the main areas to bring your family together. Nothing says this better than home cooking. 

If you want to highlight the best parts of the kitchen, then showcase your kitchen objects with personalized kitchen signs to showcase the importance of family and the relation to food. Everything from happiness to family gatherings is expressive accents that remind everyone of the importance of home.

homemade kitchen sign

Get the Happiness Is Homemade Sign.

There are different ways you can use a combination of signs with kitchen items to make your home unique. By adding in small accents to corners and areas of your kitchen, you will change the look, feel and expression of your home. 


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