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personalized wood signs

Say what you mean in your home and set up reminders that are the foundation of your life. With the right decor, you can turn your house into a space filled with love and family. Personalized wood signs highlight how special your home is to you while adding in a continuous reminder of the most important parts of life. 

What Type of Personalized Wood Signs Should I Get?

Our theme at Wood Finds is to Express Yourself. A home is a space where it can be about you and what you admire the most.

When you are looking at personalized wood signs, you want to add into this mix and make it more about you and what you love and cherish. 

Build keepsakes of the moments that are most important to you and that you want to remember. When you make these the centrepiece of your home, it helps to create the warm energy that you want to keep forever. 

The custom wood signs add into this by using a specific theme and highlighting the moment you want to last forever.

From your wedding day to the birth of a newborn to the moments you use as your inspiration, our approach is to highlight the memories first. 

View some of our inspirational signs.


Personalized Wood Signs For a Wedding

personalized wedding wood signs

Make the most important day of your life last forever. When you highlight the one moment where you finally stepped over the threshold, it allows that day to last a lifetime. 

With personalized wedding signs, you are able to accent a bedroom, living room or family space where your connection lasts forever. 

You can find inspirational quotes that remind you of each other's love, allowing you to cherish your lives together. 

Or, remember the special day with a keepsake of the date of your marriage. These signs are the perfect addition to build sentiment around your union. 

personalized wedding wall sign

With personalized accents that compliment your wedding day, you can easily set the stage for the perfect home and a reminder of the most important part of your life. 

Turn Your House Into a Home

If you want to add to the presence of a family, then you can look at personalized wood signs for the ideal home.

Inspiration to bringing everyone together always serves as the best way to remember what makes your home so important. 

The personalization that you add in creates an extra addition, showcasing why your family is important to you while bringing everyone through the common thread of being together. 

Custom signs are one of the easiest ways to add in the expression that belongs uniquely to your family and that you can continue to express over time. 

personalized wood signs

Setting the idea of your unique family first is a simple way to begin transforming your home while setting up a space that only belongs to you. 

These simple keepsakes warm the home and allow you to change the look of your home while creating a sense of personalization that shows how unique your home is. 

Personalization for Children

A great way to show that you cherish your family and to warm the home is to create a personal keepsake for your children. 

Every parent knows that there are special moments that you don't want to forget at any time in your child's life. 

As your kids grow up, they may not understand how special these are, only using keepsakes and memories later in their lives to know the importance of family and how everyone is connected together. 

The personalization that you add into their rooms is a way to show how much you love them and care for them as a part of your family. 

a close up of a box

This example shows the name as well as the birth vital statistics of a newborn. It's not only a great way to create a keepsake for the nursery, but stays a part of everyone's memory for years to come.

The personalized wood signs show a way to honor the special moment when your child was born. 

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How To Create Your Own Personalized Wood Signs

Whether you have a favorite inspirational quote or want to place a unique look in the special space in your home, there are certain starting points you want to look at to create your personalized wood sign. 

1. Set the Shape Of Your Sign.

There are several ways that you can start with your sign. The shape and design is the foundation of every personalized look. At Wood Finds, we offer guidelines to help you get the perfect fit. 

customized wood signs

A popular option is a rectangle look that can be used as a wall hanging or can be placed on a table. With this custom sign, you can easily add in personal names, favorite sayings or the "little something" that keeps you closer to your family. 

What most say they love about this style is that it is versatile. It's small enough that it can fit in that perfect area that needs more love. But it's big enough to make a statement about who you are and what you admire most in your life.

For wedding or family signs it has the perfect amount of room to accent the names you are adding in. 

custom made wood signs

Another option you can look at is a "rectangular" look. This gives more room for your name or personalization. It means you can add in different images or a look that is unique. 

What many enjoy about this size is that it is the perfect fit for a wall hanging. If you know you want to fill one space in your home, then it is a great addition to make sure you have the right fit for personalized wall decor.  

2. Set Your Background Pallet. 

The best part of personalized wood signs is that you have the ability to decide on the coloring. That means you can accent your favorite colors or use your home as a part of the display. 

Getting a color that showcases your home with the customization is a great addition for your expression and to showcase the sayings that fit best. 

background for a custom wood sign

 As you can see from the above chart, the paint backgrounds give several options to make the sign your own. From bright reds to darker greys, we cover the spectrum to create the look that fits with you and your home. 

3. Pick Your Lettering.

Are you straight or script? Are you bright or dark? With personalized wood signs, you can pick the exact lettering for your decor. 

This is a great way to accent your home and to create the perfect fit with your home. By adding in these extra details, you will find a sign that you can call your own. 

script for personal signs

As you can see from this sign, there are several ways to interchange the font with the sign you are creating. Find the one that fits your personality the most.

4. Choose Your Font Color.

It's your preference and the script you resonate the most with. Each of the script options can completely change the look of your sign and make it unique to your personalized sign.

After you know which font works, match it to the font color. This is where you bring everything together, allowing your sign to become yours from the beginning creativity to the moment when you can hang it on your wall. 


lettering colors for personalized signs

With our color palette, you have plenty to choose from. Combining your lettering and background with a different look will help you to find the right fit to your home.

This creates a complete look, allowing you to set your personalized approach into a final creation that can't be created anywhere else. 

5. Get Our Digital Proofs.

Sometimes our ideas don't come to fruition the way that we initially intended. Wood Finds send a digital proof to you before we start and send your creation. We want to make sure everything is exact... all our i's are dotted and t's crossed before we start the design. 

You may find that something else works better or you want your creation to be slightly different. 

We work with you until you are happy with your creation. 

That's because we know how important every expression is and want to make sure that your idea is something that belongs to you and that you can keep for years to come. 

Why Everyone Needs Personal Home Decor

We've all been into homes that are "dull." They have white washed walls with a generic poster and plastic flowers. 

This doesn't turn a house into a home. If you want to feel comfortable, free and expressive, then personalization is the only way to transform your home so it is truly yours. 

There are ways to add flavor, style and looks that are exclusively your personality. When you begin to look at small upgrades with decor, it creates more joy and a sense of complete expression in your home. 

And, it reminds the entire family of the moments that are the most important. Your home decor becomes a reminder of the sentiment that is unique to the space you are building together. 

By adding into the memories and moments, you turn your house into a home and create a look that is expressive of your true personality. 

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