How We Make Your Sign

At Wood Finds, we promise to take your idea and transform the right piece of lumber into the décor element perfect for your intended use. 

It isn’t a quick cookie-cutter process, since we perform these steps by hand to the unique specifications for each project when creating our handmade wood signs.  This ensures your art is one-of-a-kind, reflecting both your concept and our craftsmanship.  It all begins with your vision.


handmade wood signs


Your Design

The first step in your design’s journey begins with your idea, something we transform into a drawing on our computer with our handmade wood signs.  We have an in-depth conversation with you to understand where the piece will find its home.  We picture the sign in its eventual home, admired by the people who see it.

 Our Process


We promise we aren’t just being nosey when we ask if the sign is for you or if it will be a gift!  What style does the recipient like?  What kind of furniture do they have in their home?  What are their hobbies?  From your answers, we capture the exact emotion and design that portrays your vision.


handmade custom made wood signs


From our discussions, we work on many different designs with the handmade wood signs until we come to one or two we love.  To make sure they match your dream piece of art, you add changes until we have the precise idea you had in mind.  Once you approve it, the real fun begins!


how to make custom made wood signs


Our Wood

 Our passion isn’t just about art with meaning – it’s about assuring the future of our forests too.  We hand-select our wood from a local supplier who emphasizes reforestation.  Our lumber purveyor plants as many as 25 million trees a year and nearly one billion since 1957.  Today, it is the largest private tree improvement program in Canada.  That’s important to us – and probably to you, too!


wood for custom signs


We process our wood by hand in our shop.  We purchase three widths of boards and rip them to six possible sizes available for your signs.  Our wood is then cut to lengths per order to fulfill our customers’ needs with the handmade wood signs.  Any excess pieces we can’t use are donated back to our community for charity woodworking or stove kindling.


Anne Young custom signs


Preparing the Foundation

 Your wood goes through three steps of sanding to obtain a nearly glass-like surface.  Professional grade sealants ensure natural oils stay inside that native structure.  This helps the wood remain beautiful and keeps it from drying out over time.  Because we don’t skimp on preparation, it takes four days of treatment for your wood to be ready for its art.  


handmade custom wood signs

 To continue the process of making your sign ageless, your wood is treated with latex water-based paints, highly durable, resistant to fading, and containing zero VOCs, so they are safe for your family and home.  We sand lightly between each coat to develop that perfectly smooth finish.  The groundwork has now been laid for your wood sign’s creation to take shape!


find custom wood signs for decor


The Art

For the art application, we use a combination of latex paints and durable rich acrylic colors.  We begin with the computer-aided design you approved to format a basic pattern on the wood.  It’s not a stencil, but a guide to capture your idea accurately with the handmade wood signs.

 Our Process

Yes, we can be a little nerdy about the art part!  We love the hand painting and hand-detailing involved in turning your vision into reality.  We perfect your design and check it from every angle, finishing it as you approved it.  With every brush stroke, we’re thinking about the future, when someone looks at this sign and feels the love you pumped into the design and we helped turn into a treasure.

handmade wood signs


Quality Assurance

We want every sign to be perfect, which is why we use a three-step process of quality assurance on your finished product.  Each set of eyes examines the piece to make sure it matches your vision and displays our best work.  Anne Young (owner and Girl with A Saw and Paintbrush), our production assistant, and our shipper check all aspects of the sign before it’s approved for its journey to you.


inspirational custom wood signs


Our shipping supports another local family-based company.  They package each sign carefully to protect it in transit.  They then send our products all over North America using methods with the lowest emissions costs, most reasonable shipping expenditures, and greatest level of care possible.  This is why we can offer free shipping to addresses in Canada and the United States.  Our shipper partners with USPS and Canada Post to offer the most efficient and safest possible transfer of your products to their destination.

 Our Process

We believe you deserve the very best, so we make sure the very best goes into every single step in producing your work of art!

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